Hahne Estates Winery | 104 E. Pecan Ave. Johnson City,TX 78636

Welcome to Hahne Estates Winery

Hahne Estates Winery is committed to specializing in celebrating the fruit of the vine with a quality product in a three-phase process. Our Texas winemaker’s legacy to the Texas White House of LBJ will provide a unique attraction to our customers.

Hahne Estates Winery is the establishment of Tasting Room in a high traffic tourist area at 104 Pecan St, Johnson City,TX.

Our customers will be received by a friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to educate and welcome each one. We will focus on hosting special events and attracting a wide array of clientele. We aim to make Hahne Estates Winery a household name with a well-received label. Our motto is: “Quality not quantity.”